We are a little late reporting but not many M-U grads get to work on mapping the universe through the application of robotics! Follow the link to read more about graduate Julia Brady's amazing work as a research engineer! #BulldogPride https://www.muschools.com/article/819381
about 1 month ago, Brad Ritchey
Julia Brady:  Milton-Union Graduate & Research Engineer
Congrats to the Boys Soccer team for an opportunity to ring the victory bell this evening after beating Lehman, 8-1. The Bulldogs played really well this evening against the Cavaliers. Well done, lads. #BulldogPride
about 1 month ago, Brad Ritchey
Ringing the victory bell - 8.25.2022
Post-match handshake - 8.25.2022
Varsity Volleyball hosting Twin Valley South with one set already in the books…Bulldogs keeping this match close against the Panthers. #BulldogPride
about 1 month ago, Brad Ritchey
Varsity Volleyball versus TVS - 8.25.2022
Eighth grade volleyball hosting Lehman Catholic this evening…the first set was a CLOSE one. Bulldogs hanging in there against the Cavaliers! (Also, introducing celebrity line judge, Joe Blackburn!) #BulldogPride
about 1 month ago, Brad Ritchey
8th Grade Volleyball versus Lehman - 8.25.2022
NEW tradition this morning on the first student day: Marching band, all staff members, and all underclass students welcome seniors back to the building for their LAST, FIRST day. Welcome back, Bulldogs! #ClassOf2023 #BulldogPride
about 1 month ago, Brad Ritchey
Senior Clap-in (2) 8.24.2022
Senior Clap-in 8.24.2022
Amazed every year with seniors’ creativity for personalizing their parking spaces…this year, we approve of the OSU theme (of course), and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is an absolute classic! Glad to have our buildings full of students again tomorrow! #SaveFerris #BulldogPride
about 1 month ago, Brad Ritchey
OSU Senior Parking Space Theme
Ferris Bueller Senior Parking Space Theme
Grateful to the community volunteers organized by Hoffman UMC who spent so much time over the weekend and Monday getting our staff members started on the right foot to begin the 2022-23 school year. Our friends at Hoffman UMC are FANTASTIC partners! Thank you! #ComMUnity
about 1 month ago, Brad Ritchey
Hoffman UMC Prayer Walk
Hoffman UMC Staff Luncheon 8.22.2022
Looks like Mr. Watson was invaded by high school students during Ninth Grade Orientation earlier today. The first day is right around the corner! Looking forward to having our students back in the buildings! @Milton_Union_HS #ComMUnity #BulldogPride
about 1 month ago, Brad Ritchey
Ninth Grade Orientation
Beginning September 19, 2022, the Milton-Union Exempted Village School District Board of Education will begin regular monthly meetings at 6:00pm for the remainder of the calendar year. Meetings will still be held in the same location at the Board of Education Office. Thank you!
about 1 month ago, Brad Ritchey
MUEVS District Logo
Getting ready to begin a new school year, it's always a good time to be reminded about when and where to stop for school buses. Looking forward to a great 2022-23 school year! #ComMUnity
about 2 months ago, Brad Ritchey
Stopping for School Bus Ohio
Sharing information on behalf of M-U Council of Churches for sponsoring the school supplies Backpack Program before school starts. Interested families may apply at https://tinyurl.com/wd442s9f to participate. Search @MUCC72 on Facebook for more information and follow MUCC.
2 months ago, Brad Ritchey
Backpack with school supplies
Student registration must be complete by August 1 to ensure bus transportation on the first day. For several reasons, the district must consolidate routes and abide by the one-mile, walker radius, so some pick-up and drop-off locations will be consolidated. Read details at www.muschools.com/article/779136.
3 months ago, Brad Ritchey
Bus fleet parked at transportation garage
Quite a transformation for the HS Gymnasium in just a few days! #BulldogPride #ComMUnity
3 months ago, Brad Ritchey
Gym floor refinishing (image two)
Gym floor refinishing
On behalf of the Village of West Milton, please follow the link to complete an on-line survey designed to gather input from community members to better inform the direction of the Comprehensive Plan. Thank you! #ComMUnity https://www.surveylegend.com/s/47xi
3 months ago, Brad Ritchey
West Milton Ohio
Attention parents and families: Please note the schedule of summer backpack lunch locations, dates, and times beginning June 26 sponsored by Highland Church. Also, note contact information for any questions or special circumstances. Thank you!
3 months ago, Brad Ritchey
Summer Backpack Lunch Schedule
The Milton-Union team participated in training to proactively identify and alter the course of dangerous and disruptive events to the school environment. The state has required these trainings, and M-U will incorporate these tools in our safety practices. Thanks to @ThePohlGroup!
3 months ago, Brad Ritchey
Pohl Group PM Scenarios
Pohl Group Training
Getting started on the transformation of the high school gymnasium floor…the final product is going to be amazing! Fascinating process! #ComMUnity #BulldogPride
3 months ago, Brad Ritchey
Day Two Gym Floor Transformation PM
Day One Gym Floor Transformation AM
Premier Health is seeking applicants for several job opportunities to accommodate busy students also attending college classes or trade schools. Follow the link for additional details, how to apply, and upcoming job fair information. https://www.muschools.com/article/769414
3 months ago, Brad Ritchey
Premier Health Job Fair
Recommended high school textbooks for Precalculus, AP Calculus, AP Language, and AP Literature will be available for public review and comment to inform the final selection process beginning Friday, June 24, 2022 from 8:00am to 4:00pm. For additional dates and details, please visit www.muschools.com/article/769405. Thank you!
3 months ago, Brad Ritchey
Stacked Textbooks
Jimmy Wilson, Class of 2005, was part of a Broadway production team for the musical “A Strange Loop," nominated for 11 Tony Awards and winning “Best Book of a Musical” and “Best Musical!” A graduate winning Tony Awards on Broadway is certainly a point of pride! #ComMUnity
3 months ago, Brad Ritchey
Jimmy Wilson pictured with Julie Motz