Milton-Union HS Front Entryway

Work to maintain and upgrade all cast stone entryways around the facility will begin soon and continue over the next several weeks. For work to begin as quickly as possible during cold weather months, scaffolding will be used. Facility staff members have been in contact with restoration experts, engineers, and architects regarding the ongoing care, cosmetic appeal, and structural integrity of these entryways. Following inspection, continued use of these entryways is perfectly safe, but as an extreme precaution and to allow work during the school day, scaffolding will be positioned beginning early in the week of January 16. Overall, the project will take several weeks, and likely months, to complete. In the meantime, entrances will appear something like the example image shown here to those visiting and/or driving by the front of the building. 

The project may reduce the visual appeal of our beautiful facility in the short-term but will have a positive impact upon its completion. If you have questions, please contact the Board of Education Office by phone at (937) 884-7910 or contact Dan Baisden or Brad Ritchey via email.  Thank you for your support of the Milton-Union Schools!

Dan Baisden, Operations Manager,

Brad Ritchey, Superintendent,