College Credit Plus Information Night

** Attention all parents and families with students interested or already enrolled in College Credit Plus coursework. **

Did you know by taking CCP coursework a student immediately begins building a college transcript? Did you know students enrolled in CCP classes follow the partner school's calendar for start and ending days, schedule changes, withdraws, and refunds? If a student does not perform well in CCP classes, did you know the parent or family will be charged and required to pay significant reimbursement fees? Did you realize some CCP classes are taught at Milton-Union High School by our staff members, on partner schools' campuses, and online? Did you know CCP can be a great opportunity for students developmentally and academically ready for challenging classes? How can you learn more about appropriate selection and scheduling of coursework for your students based on future goals?

Get informed on all College Credit Plus rules and guidelines and research the best course path for students by attending the 2023-24 CCP Information Night. The meeting begins at 5:30pm on Thursday, January 19, 2023, in the Milton-Union High School Art Room. If your student is still uncertain about or already plans on enrolling in College Credit Plus courses for the 2023-24 school year, do not miss this required meeting! Milton-Union High School counselors Ms. Abby Kurtz and Mr. Ben Moore will facilitate the meeting and a representative from Edison State Community College will be present as well. 

If you have questions prior to January 19, please contact Ms. Kurtz or Mr. Moore by phone at (937) 884-7940 or via email. 

Abby Kurtz,
Ben Moore,