School Safety written on Chalkboard

On Thursday, October 27, 2022, Milton-Union school district staff members have a scheduled workday for meetings and finalizing first marking period grades. On the same day, the district is partnering with the West Milton Police and Fire Departments, Union Township Life Squad, and the Miami County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a full-scale training exercise. That day, our staff members and first responders will be practicing safety and security strategies and protocols in the event of an actual school emergency, intruder, or threat.

This message is intended to inform students, parents, visitors, and community members of these plans and minimize alarm or concern. Residents near and around school grounds as well as any community members passing by or planning to visit one of the buildings will likely see emergency service vehicles and personnel from various jurisdictions on campus. First responders will be on-site that day to observe and participate in organizing, conducting, and debriefing the exercise. Training objectives include, but are not limited to, response time, communication protocol, threat neutralization, evacuation, and release. Please remember students are not in session next Thursday, October 27.

The district is fortunate to have cooperation from experienced law enforcement and emergency service personnel who have conducted similar training for other school districts. Training will reveal strengths and improvement areas as we seek to provide the safest environment we can for students and staff members.

If you have questions, please contact the Board of Education Office. Thank you for your continued support of the Milton-Union Schools.