Julia Brady - Research Engineer & Milton-Union Graduate

Although late getting the news out, it isn't every day a Milton-Union High School graduate is involved with mapping the universe through the application of new robotics!

Research engineer Julia Brady, Milton-Union Class of 2015, coordinated an installation team at The Ohio State University that helped eliminate the time-intensive, manual process previously necessary for the production of "cutting-edge astronomical data." Through Julia's work, sophisticated telescopes now can be equipped with hundreds of robotic arms to better automate observation. 

Follow the link below for more information regarding the project and Julia's involvement. 

"After 21 years, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey is Going Robotic"

To read more about the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the creation of the "most detailed three-dimensional maps of the universe ever made," please visit sdss.org

Julia is the daughter of Evelyn and Tim Brady. Mrs. Brady teaches Art and is a dedicated teaching staff member of Milton-Union Middle School.

(Photo Credit:  Robb McCormick Photography)