Safety First Yield Sign

For parents and families, this message is being sent as a reminder of the emergency drill scheduled for Thursday, December 9. Personnel from Union Township Life Squad, West Milton Fire Department, West Milton PD, and Miami County Sheriff’s Office will be on-site to observe during and debrief following the emergency drill. 

Based on the scenario, students, staff members, and teachers will need to consider all ALICE options more broadly including, but not limited to, sheltering-in-place. At this time, we do not expect the use of lights and sirens upon the arrival of law enforcement and emergency service vehicles to campus. (This is a change from the original procedure.) However, on Thursday, several emergency vehicles could still be parked around the building while the drill is conducted. Once the drill has concluded, administrative staff members will observe, direct, and release students and staff members back to regular school activities in an orderly, controlled manner.

We realize the sight of several emergency vehicles outside school buildings can be alarming to parents and families. Please remember conducting an emergency drill is necessary practice, and we are fortunate to have guidance and expertise from local law enforcement, fire, and emergency service personnel.  

Please contact one of the building offices or Board of Education with questions. Thank you for supporting the Milton-Union Schools.