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The Milton-Union Schools understand that increasing achievement requires high quality and challenging learning experiences for students in each classroom every day. Over the past several months, the circumstances facing all public school districts in the State of Ohio and across the nation have revealed inconsistencies between adopted and delivered, standards-based curricula.

Using results from the most recent curriculum audit, we are systematically working to improve various student performance outcomes and ensure their readiness for what comes next. With these results and other available data, a five-year plan is in development to address instructional pacing, curriculum adoption and implementation, formal and informal student assessment, collaboration among educators, and professional development. To do this work thoroughly will take time, patience, and commitment. 

Our goal of producing well-prepared graduates for college, career, military, and life is best achieved with input and support from staff members, families, and community stakeholders. We plan to provide opportunities for you to engage with us in this work. Together, we can create a culture of expectation to challenge and support our young people as they work to achieve their full academic and personal potential.

Please use the links below to review audit results and other resources and information available to the public. District personnel plan to make periodic updates to this page. 

View the 2021 Curriculum Audit Executive Summary HERE.

View the FULL 2021 Curriculum Audit report HERE.

View the OIP District Improvement Plan HERE.

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