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The journey leading us to the current version of our Strategic Plan involved a number of invested staff members, community stakeholders, business partners, students, parents, and caregivers. We remain committed to the philosophy accompanying each core belief and action step organized within the plan – Community, Growth, Student-centered Learning, Academics, Career Readiness, and Finance and Facilities. Over time and to maintain relevance, we consider the district plan a living document. Meaning, we must have the ability to course correct and change with any shift in our accountability requirements, social-emotional and societal factors affecting children, and innovations that ultimately affect the classroom experiences of Milton-Union students.

Strategic Plans offer structure, but at times, more detailed work is required in particular areas. With guidance from members of our District Advisory Committee, we are targeting specific means to better connect with our community partners, develop and grow the “whole child” from both academic and social-emotional perspectives, and drive student achievement using a variety of national, state, and local measures. As you review the long-term plan, please consider simultaneously the progress we have made in our Status Report.

Implementing change and pushing toward organizational improvement is a never-ending process. No matter how effective school districts and buildings might be already, they can always be better; some aspect of the organization can always be improved. As a staff and organization, our long-term plan is a roadmap for improvement. We hope to be better every day!

Please reach out to us with your questions and concerns. Visit our district website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Consider attending our events and parent engagement opportunities. We always look forward to connecting with our community partners and consider these conversations opportunities to strengthen relationships and improve! Thank you for the incredible support you have shown over the years for your community school!


Brad Ritchey, Ph.D.


“Stronger me, stronger we, brighter future…”

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