Reopening Information & Revised District Calendar

For the most up-to-date Milton-Union Schools reopening information, visit the following link.  Information provided there will be updated as plans evolve and new procedures added for the upcoming school year.  Follow the link to review the Building Reopening Plan and revised 2020-21 Milton-Union District Calendar.  

Milton-Union Reopening Information 2020-21

Parents, caregivers, and families seeking a fully remote option at least for the first semester of the upcoming school year should follow the link below and complete the Milton-Union Remote Learning Declaration electronic form.   

Please Note:  Only families opting for a fully remote learning option to begin the 2020-21 school year should complete the electronic form.  Please remember that instruction provided through this option will not be delivered by Milton-Union teaching staff members.  At this time, we expect instructional activities, learning events, assignments, assessments, and grades to be delivered and assigned by the provider.  However, children will maintain status as Milton-Union students. (Completing the form identifies intent to participate in remote learning.) 

Families interested in this option must elect to participate not later than Monday, August 3, 2020 and are required to participate for at least one, full semester.  (If you have more than one student enrolled with Milton-Union opting for fully remote learning, please complete the form separately for each child.)

Milton-Union Remote Learning Declaration

Thank you for continued support of Milton-Union Schools during such unprecedented times!