Weekly Update 3/1/19
Loretta Henderson
Friday, March 01, 2019

Milton Union Elementary School’s Annual Pennies for Patients Campaign to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society  starts on Monday, March 4 and goes through Thursday, March 21. Our building goal is $3,500 for this year! Each student will be bringing home a collection box , information about the Pennies for Patients program and information about special theme days coming up….look for this information in book bags either tonight or Monday!

This week’s special subjects schedule is as follows:

Monday B

Tuesday C

Wednesday D

Thursday E

Friday A

Please help your child remember to wear their gym shoes on PE and Motor Lab days. 

Bruckner Nature Center will be on site working with our 3rd grade students during their science classes this week.  The students will be learning about owls and dissecting owl pellets.  Thank you to the PTO for providing this opportunity for our students. 

Friday March 8th is our first Theme Day in our Pennies for Patients Fundraiser. Pajama Penny Day (Wear your favorite pajamas and stuff your pockets with pennies!)