A “Sneak Peek” into Mr. Dickison’s Class
A “Sneak Peek” into Mr. Dickison’s Class
Jessica Mumau
Friday, March 01, 2019

Physical Education and Health

9th Grade Physical Education- The 9th grade physical education classes finished at the end of the first semester. Emphasis was put on more traditional fitness as opposed to games. The students were required to either walk/run two days a week during the first quarter and then moved to the weight room the second quarter. Students were required to attempt a variety of warm-up/agility activities daily. Students also took the Pacer Fitness Test at the beginning, middle, and end of the semester.

10th Grade Physical Education- The 10th grade physical education classes also ended at the end of the first semester. The classes were exposed to a variety of sport options with special emphasis on life time recreational activities. This included Fitness, Pickle Ball, Disc Golf, and Archery. 

10th Grade Health- Classes started at the beginning of the second semester. We are currently exploring Mental Health issues. In the future the class will include Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs and will cover the HOPE curriculum which deals with the opioid crisis. We will also cover Human Sexuality, CPR, Chronic and Catastrophic Diseases and Illnesses, Nutrition, Organ Donation, and Violence Prevention.