Weekly Message 5/18/18
Loretta Henderson
Friday, May 18 2018

It’s Time for the BOGO Bookfair!  It will be running from Monday the 21st- Friday the 25th.   Monday the bookfair will be open until 7:00PM.  Tuesday-Friday during regular school hours. 

Parents, how many times have you walked into Wal-Mart or Target at back-to-school time with the hopes of just getting school supplies, but only to find yourself leaving with hundreds of dollars’ worth of extra stuff??? While the mission is simple, the task is extremely difficult. It’s like the retailers put some trance on you to buy more than what you need... and before you know it your cart is filled with everything, but school supplies. This year save a ton of money by avoiding the trance of big box retailers and purchase all your back-to-school supplies at It simple, easy and quick. The ordering deadline is June 30th.

The Special subject schedule is as follows. 

Monday F

Tuesday A

Wednesday B

Thursday C

Friday D

Monday the 21st at 6:30 PM is our final PTO meeting for the year.  It will be held in the library and all parents are welcome to attend.

Wednesday the 23rd is the Kindergarten Fun Day

Thursday the 24th Mrs. Whitten and Murray’s classes are walking to the library.

Friday the 25th Mrs. Avey, Falldorf, and Walters will be taking a walking field trip to the library. 

            Also on Friday are the Kindergarten and 5th grade Step Up Days. 

Friday the 25th is the last day for Kindergarten students.