Handbook Changes
Kim Puckett
Thursday, August 17, 2017

Handbook Changes

Cell Phones

Students will be permitted to use cell phones/non-school issued electronics during class transitions and at lunch only. Cell phones should not be seen or heard any other time.

All students will have a computer with which they can complete classroom assignments throughout the day, which eliminates the need for cell phones in the classroom.

Dress Code

The Middle School and High School have aligned dress codes to ease the transition between buildings. The following are the changes to the 2017-2018 dress code:


·   No hats or other head coverings including bandanas shall be worn during the school day unless a special event is announced or for religious reasons.


  • Shorts and skirts must be finger-tip length and not extremely tight. This includes athletic shorts.
  • Yoga pants and tights must be worn with shirts, tops, skirts or dresses that are an appropriate length all the way around.


  Students are not to wear excessively torn, tattered, frayed, or ragged clothing or clothes with holes above finger-tip length.