Focus Period Update
Kim Puckett
Monday, August 14, 2017

Focus Period Update

All students in grades 9-12 have a built-in period called “Focus.” Students in the 9th grade have a set curriculum that is student-focused and student-led. The goal of 9th grade Focus is to ease the transition between middle school and high school.

Students in grades 10-12 also have a Focus period; however, in the past is has been more unstructured.

This year, students in grades 10-12 will have a more structured period consisting of Intervention and SAT Prep. All students will use Khan Academy for both Intervention purposes and SAT Prep. Khan Academy meets students at their level and gradually increases the difficulty level until students demonstrate mastery. Students will also be placed with a teacher who specializes in the subject area.

Students will be placed in Intervention groups based on state test results. Since students are required to score a total of 18 points on graduation tests (in the areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies), Intervention will be targeted to areas where individual students struggle.

Students not in need of Intervention will receive SAT Prep. Students will work during Focus to strengthen their skills for the SAT/ACT.