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Classified Positions:
Classified vacancies are posted in the Central Office during the summer months as well as notification being sent to the OAPSE President. You may also learn of job openings by calling the Milton-Union Schools Job Hotline at 937-884-7919.
If you would like to apply for a classified position, please fill out and return the application, found at the link below, to: Milton-Union Central Office, 7610 Milton-Potsdam Rd., West Milton, Ohio 45383.




Certified Positions:
A listing of certified jobs currently being offered at Milton-Union Exempted Village School District is shown on the Dayton Area School Employment Consortium website. All applications should be filled out and submitted to that website and a formal introduction letter should be sent to: Milton-Union Central Office, 7610 Milton-Potsdam Rd., West Milton, Ohio 45383.

Job Website